Boutique Data Consultancy, rapidly growing due to high client satisfaction. We are committed to delivering excellence, partnering with our clients to manage the whole data lifecycle. Being actually agile, we produce value early on and develop solutions our clients are truly proud of.

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What we do

Our range of services allows you to resolve current issues and create a successful framework for the future. Data Strategy, Data Science, Data Engineering & BI Development resources ready to go.

Revizor Platform

Explore the all-in-one solution to monitor performance and compliance of all your digital assets. Bringing “always-on” protection of your digital presence to support your marketing team and let them get back to doing what they do best.

Try something new

Uptitude offers ongoing support and leadership to ensure the successful execution of your projects. Try something new. We are ready to start today, are you?

Why Uptitude?

The world has changed and any successful business requires a solid online presence. Anyone can open a social media account and consider the job done, but things are not that simple. In order for those assets to remain being productive and valuable – they need to be constantly monitored, situations – assessed and issues – dealt with.

Opening these platforms exposes your business to a wide variety of new and evolving Data & Privacy risks. But you are working with Uptitude, a team that knows exactly what to do in these situations. We can connect data external from your business with your internal systems for enhanced insights. We know what to look for, we can solve your problems and offer ready to implement business solutions, tailored to you.

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