Meet ReviZor

ReviZor scans all of your web assets, down to the page, post or comment level, to protect your business from compliance risk. On a monthly or weekly basis, your entire digital estate can be scanned and protected from both common and bespoke issues. Once discovered, these issues are displayed in one place to track your progress over time. Our agile team of professionals are on hand to support you with your remediation programme.


Risks it protects your business from

GDPR, Cookie Policies, T&C Policies, Privacy Policies, Interactive Digital Media regulations, Target Audiences, Language/Location tags, Missing links & descriptions, Adverse Event reports, Copy Approval, Usage rights, Security vulnerabilities, bad practice coding etc… Customisation can be applied to protect you from your unique compliance requirements.

Integrate with your internal systems

Take your automated compliance to the next level by connecting your external information with internal data sources, check expiry dates for content usage rights, or if marketing material has been approved or not. Confirm the integrity of your internal Digital Inventory by interrogating real data in the public domain.

Platforms Supported

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